Theme Weeks

What is a “Theme Week”?

A theme week in our office is when your wear something that goes with the monthly theme to your appointment. You will receive 5 P&J points for your participation.

Scheduling your appointment during theme weeks depends upon appointment availability.

2017 Monthly Theme Weeks

  • January 16th – 20th: Crazy Hat/Scarf Apparel
  • February 6th – 14th: Valentine’s Day Apparel
  • March 13th – 17th: St. Patrick’s Day Apparel
  • April 10th – 21st: Pajama Weeks
  • May 15th – 19th: Hawaiian Apparel
  • June 26th – 30th: Patriotic Apparel
  • July 17th – 21st: Crazy Hair Week
  • August 14th – 18th: Sports Apparel
  • September 18th – 22nd: School Spirit Week
  • October 23rd –  31st: Halloween Apparel
  • November 13th – 17th: Camouflage Apparel
  • December 18th – 22nd: Holiday Apparel